CBS provides Dichroic glass in 19” inch diameter rounds. In special cases we can coat glass up to 24” inches in diameter. Prices vary with estimated annual volumes and can be considerably lower based on your purchase activity, so please call us for exact terms. We have many options for you to place an order: Order Online; Call us directly at: (714) 538-0888; Fax your order to: (714) 538-2767; E-Mail your order to:; We will supply a listing of our Distributors. CBS and its competent staff are waiting and eager to take your order or answer technical questions that you might have about Dichroic Glass. When you become a CBS customer we monitor your ordering activity so we can then be proactive at filling orders. Remember, DON’T GET “BURNED-OUT” ON USING DICHROIC GLASS…..ASK FOR “CBS” DICHROIC GLASS.