Welcome to Coatings by Sandberg, Inc.

At Coatings by Sandberg, we take pride in creating the finest Dichroic glass available. Through precision manufacturing and careful monitoring, CBS produces Dichroic glass on a variety of glass types. Colors are consistent and uniform. Low color distortion properties at high temperatures make our products the first choice of the most demanding professionals and ideal for novices as well. CBS Dichroic Coatings are specifically designed to be hot worked. We coat our glass for use in: Glass Blowing, Flameworking, Fusing, Slumping, Beadmaking, and any other technique that involves the manipulation of glass with extreme heat. We now offer online ordering for our glass products. View our CBS Dichroic Glass FAQ page for more information on glass art and our dichroic glass.

Dichroic Glass Applications

Our glass is used in many applications including stained glass, tile, pyrex, fusers, glass blowers and lamp workers, and architecture. See our Dichroic glass FAQ page for details on these applications and much more.


Since the start of CBS more than twenty years ago, one of the motivators of creative invention has been working hand-in-hand with glass artists. Our latest endeavor has been with California based artist Chris Stell. After childhood immersed in creativity, Chris received her BA in advertising art at San Diego State. She then worked in graphic design, computer design and many other areas of fine art. In 1999, Chris started experimenting with Dichroic glass using her illustration background to etch and create new patterns. All of her patterns are hand drawn, one of-a-kind and frequently reversible.